Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What is it about Dana Andrews?

So, I still have not figured out how to wrap text around an image I insert in my Blog posting - like I somehow did successfully for the post on Moon.

Anyway...this is a short note, about a small, but pretty compelling oldie - Boomerang, with the always great Dana Andrews, along with Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt (Does Father really know best?) and an uncredited Karl Malden.

This well crafted true crime thriller is based on a true story, and really the relationship between the true story - as well as the docu-drama style of story telling that the director (Elia Kazan, natch) utlizes - and the film would be worth exploring. But short notes don't allow that. IMDB calls this dandy "chilling", and I would have to agree.

Strangely, Amazon (where I of course found Boomerang) categorizes it is Film Noir, among other things. Well, yes, based on the time-frame it was made, the fact that it is B&W...but it isn't really a thriller or mystery. Really this is a court-room drama par excellence, perfectly played by Dana Andrews. Perhaps the IMDB editors got this confused with Laura -- perhaps Andrews' finest role -- which is really the quintessential American noir.

The justice-denied, and then justice regained story is always a good one, and has the feel of an 18th Century French novel. Get thee to Amazon Prime. And don't worry, that really is the late, great Karl Malden as the hard-nosed detective. The crime is that apparently he didn't have enough juice to get his name in the credits.